Tammra attended Syracuse University, School of Fine Arts, and graduated with honors in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland in 1965.   Ms. Sigler has shown her work extensively and been awarded many prizes in the Baltimore/Washington area as well as Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Lexington, Palm Beach, and throughout South America.  

Tammra’s work has been acquired by The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C. and the Baltimore Museum of Art. It is included in many corporate and private collections both nationally and internationally…(selected corporate collections: The Johns Hopkins Hospital, The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital, Towson University, Maryland Institute College of Art, Ohio State University, University of Maryland, University College Collection) Twice her work was selected   (1994, 2000) to be represented in the national publication “New American Painting” by Open Studio Press as well as “Studio Visit Magazine 2014.” Sigler’s work was featured in the13th Annual Artis--Naples Artists’ Studio Tour in 2008 and has been shown at the von Liebig Art Center in their Founders and Encounter, other juried shows. The Baker Museum, Artis--Naples, featured four of her “Philip Glass -In the Upper Room” pieces in “The Florida Contemporary” 2015.

Currently she is preparing for a show at the Lee County Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers, FL January 2016 and the Katzen Museum of American University, Washington, DC in 2017.  

Tammra Sigler’swork is typically described as free, spontaneous,  high energy, and full of surprise.  Tammra likes to work in series; pushing and developing an idea often to unexpected places.  It is “responsive work” …responding either to what she sees, as in her figures, dogs, flowers, and food series, or to what she hears, as in her Bach, Philip Glass, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Bob Dylan and Stravinsky, or what the thinks/feels (concepts),  as in her Bees, Swarms, and Hives, as well as Toy, Games, and Puzzles. She is concerned the very essence of line and “the mark”,the plastic nature of paint, as well as color, form and wit.  Tammra relishes “the unexpected!”   Throughout her many series, her own personality and “mark” remain recognizable.   Her searching nature propels her to each next statement.  She likes to “trick” us…take us in one direction and then swerve somewhere totally unexpected.  The actor, Christopher Walken, once said, “ First I figure out what I need to do, and then I do the opposite!”  That well describes Tammra’s process.


At this time she is teaching at the Von Liebig Art Center and painting and teaching privately in her studio in Naples, as well as teaching in Baltimore in the summers.